Do you think homes in Irvine with $2,000,000 price tags should have at the least a 3 car garage? – Can you imagine spending $2,000,000 on a home with a 2-car garage? What The Health?

Maybe developers want to have their cake and eat it too…. By giving the impression there’s value to the target audience that developers are trying to target, they want to still offer a limited garage space… too funny. but it’s reality.

Homes Available For Sale – IRVINE, CA

$12million – 10,600 sqft (approx)
$10million – 11,000 sqft (approx)
$8.7million – 9000 sqft (approx)
$5.4million – 6000 sqft (approx)
$14.9million – 13,900 sqft (approx)
$3.995million – 5200 sqft (approx)
$3.595milllion – 3900 sqft (approx)
$4.89million – 5100 sqft (approx)
$3.69million – 4900 sqft (approx)
$6.1million – 6300 sqft (approx)
$8.2million – 11000 sqft (approx)
$6.99million – 12000 sqft (approx)
$6.975million – 7000 sqft (approx)
Many more homes in the $1million dollar range available.
However, the higher in price, the different amenities are offered.

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Irvine Homes For Sale (Communities) 3

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Irvine Homes For Sale (Communities)