The History of John Wayne Airport

Irvine withdrawing from the Fire Authority support donor program

Rallies taking place in Irvine, California for Familes Belong Together

Kick’n it – Don’t Drink And Drive!!!


Ready to see the FireWorks


July 4th is America’s Day to celebrate and Be Safe!


Are you a professional in the City Of Irvine, wanting to help the city by bringing awareness to different activities, lifestyles, services, and offerings – Contact, the independent, un-official #1 Private Guide to the City Of Irvine.

Imagine getting your Wisdom tooth’s Cavity removed, then filled, and then a partial Crown installed. – Going through the process can seem like something discouraging, but in the right hands, is it possible that the process could actually be done smoothly? Maybe….

Heading to a Towne Center or Mall – Are there any INDOOR MALLS or are most of them, if not all of them, OUTDOOR MALLS ONLY? – Yes!

Mostly the Malls in Irvine are outdoors and unlike some of the neighboring cities that have indoor malls, the Outdoor malls helps promote fresh outside air, enjoying the nature while shopping.  However, under certain weather conditions, the OUTDOOR MALLS won’t work as good as an INDOOR MALL  – Plan accordingly.

See a FANCY bird walking and dancing on Jamboree Road – Just know it came from the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary

This is a bird that walks in the bushes, and dances at it walks.  The recommendation is to enjoy the view while not disturbing the wild life as it is a long lost bird traveling from the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary.